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Who am I?

Me on a tree.

Jake Yee is an undergraduate student currently studying Computer Science.

He is passionate about cats , time travel movies, redundancies, redundant things, things that are redundant, overused jokes, jokes that are overused, tautological things, tautology, and things that he is passionate about. Hates writing about people in the third-person. Hopes to work on something that will provide enough money so that he doesn't have to live on the streets. And make the world a better place, but that's more of a tertiary objective if anything.


Recent Stuff

What have I been up to?

Personal Website

View a personal website and see what I've done lately.


Play tic-tac-toe against the computer entirely within a font.


A copy of Zuckerberg's Facemash, redone with 1010 Pokémon.

Hidden Message Thing

Encrypt a hidden message in an html file with pure javascript.


A Stable Diffusion model finetuned on my collection of selfies.


A GPT2 model finetuned on my journal entries and essays.

I like to mess around in my free time. Here are the most recent projects that caught my fancy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How is this website being served?

A : Magic. Cloudflare Pages. Maybe both.

Q : Who are you? How did you get inside my house?

A : I am Jake Yee. You can read more about me at my about me page .

Q : What's the password to the box at the bottom?

A : Not telling.

Q : Who's even asking these questions?

A : Nobody ever asks me any questions. The above are just questions that I made up to make it seem like this section is filled out. If you do have any questions, comments, concerns, just want to talk, are a Nigerian Prince or a Hot Single In My Area, you can shoot me a message at mail@jakeyee.com